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Develop your data-driven and model-based software solutions to forge new revenue streams.


Transform your business from a traditional model to a subscription-based solution to fulfill consumer demands. Our digital engineering services will help you entirely redesign your existing system enabling IoT, Cloud, Web, and Mobile technologies with new revenue streams and ease of maintenance using CI/ CD.

Organizations everywhere are fast moving from legacy systems and products to the cloud to reap the financial, operational, and technical benefits. However, each organization’s cloud objectives may vary from reducing operating expenses to increase revenue utilizing new business models. Also, the effort, time and money to transform without disturbing existing customers and systems is a critical factor. By carefully analyzing existing systems, cloud transformation strategy needs to be finalized considering the objectives and constraints. Solid foundations must be laid to ensure business agility and resilience for Digital Business. Trenser brings in proven techniques to plan, design, implement, migrate, secure, operate and optimize your business systems and products from the legacy world to the Cloud and Digital World.

Business environments are undergoing strategic transformations with high agility and speed. It’s imperative to get new ideas to customers and consumers at the earliest. Business systems have also become increasingly complex as well. Customers expect rapid innovative features, responsiveness, and near-zero downtime. Performance limitations and the inability to scale is no longer tolerated. The cloud-native design enables developing software services in the cloud, taking full advantage of the cloud computing model for public, private, and hybrid clouds reducing time to market and providing the opportunity to scale business services rapidly. Compared to traditional monolithic designs, Cloud-native systems can embrace rapid change and serve large scale complex scenarios with resilience. Trenser is providing consulting services along with design and implementation for Cloud Native Applications to solve real world Digital business scenarios.

Advancement in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)has significantly contributed to solving Machine Vision challenges. Object detection, segmentation, and classification methods utilizing AI & ML are now accurate enough to solve complex real-world problems using Machine vision. Machine Vision along with AI has a significant role in industrial automation as it introduces entirely new methods to maneuver robot’s functionality – now robots can adapt to obstacles in their environment. Also, the application of AI in machine vision and image processing is transforming the healthcare sector. AI solutions are helping physicians and surgeons to identify tumors, suggesting prognosis and aiding complex guided surgeries. Trenser has along with OEM scientists and Engineers has implemented multiple AI solutions for Industrial and Medical customers. Apart from model implementation and validation, Trenser helps OEMs to set up automated labeling, training and validation of complex data sets for AI implementation.

IoT has opened the possibility to connect and have real-time data from billions of devices. This enables businesses and product companies to solve numerous real-world problems related to efficiency, productivity, data visibility and transparency. Properly connecting and provisioning IoT endpoints and analyzing the data generated to derive actionable intelligence demands specific skills. Digital workflows based on IoT device connectivity and availability now become critical for revenue optimization. Trenser, equipped with product engineering skills, has orchestrated multiple solutions for Digital factories and businesses utilizing IoT data streams. Trenser can bring together IoT sensors, AI, Analytics, Cloud, mobile and Web to create Digital Engineering Solutions.

Software modernization addresses some of the common challenges often faced by organizations related to legacy product lines. Outdated technology platforms increased cost of sustenance and inability to utilize emerging technologies to enable new revenue streams are some of the major challenges faced by every organization. Based on the product lines and end-customer expectations, software modernization needs vary.

Operating system migration, Database migration, cloud enablement of desktop-based solutions, payment gateway integration, IoT enablement, and device integration, etc. are some of the most common needs coming up as part of software modernization.

Trenser service offerings enable you to analyze business needs effectively and come up with the right strategy for application modernization. Our expertise in emerging technologies helps you to choose the right technologies to depend on, architect the solutions, implement, integrate and validate the end product.

We have been partners working on projects for Japanese customers since 2017. Truly impressive with their passion for technologies and dedication that wins customer trust.


The sense of ownership comes from top down. I feel happy that how well this relationship evolved over the last four years serving my engineering talent needs!

Shy Cohen, CEO @ Shy Cohen Consulting, USA.

Trenser function as an Extended ER&D Center for all our software development needs with a long-term focus. Wow, we're already in the 4th year of working together!

Scott S., Chief Executive Officer @ Costar Technologies In., USA

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We invest in practicing the latest technologies relevant to the industries we serve. It helps us to provide the best offerings for our customers.

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Hybrid Cloud enables security compliance, cost management, and vendor agonistic implementations.


Extended Reality (XR) brings in contextual and situational intelligence to solve complex problems.


AI systems that simulate human thought, analyzing the environment, context, and intent in real-time


Embedded AI opens up the possibilities for instant predictive and reactive intelligence at the edge