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Design, Develop and Maintain your products built using Cloud, Web, and Mobile technologies.


Race ahead of the competition by leveraging domain-aligned technology proficiency!. We combine deep technology expertise and engineering capabilities to architect complex systems to help you execute your technology roadmap. We offer services that support all your application development and maintenance requirements with flexible engagement models.

Write-once-use-anywhere is not always a reality considering the enterprise needs of today’s market. You often end up in a situation where packaged software does not meet your requirements or the flexibility to customize. Feasibility studies and proof of concept developments are essential parts of your custom application development. It helps to decide the right tools and technologies and thereby plays a crucial role in the success of your product.

The roadmap to a successful final product involves various stages like understanding end-user scenarios, requirement elaboration including the implied needs, performance benchmarking, privacy & security considerations, architectural and detailed design, implementation & integration, and quality assurance.

Our custom application development practices are developed to meet all your challenges in this space. We help you productize your ideas with our expertise in designing robust and scalable solutions. We can support your custom application development needs with a well-defined set of practices, from tools and technology selection to product maintenance and support.

The evolution of the latest technologies helps organizations move from inflexible and expensive software solutions towards dynamic, cost-effective, customizable, and real-time solutions. That is how porting and migration become a basic need of every organization in today’s highly competitive market. These efforts help companies to modernize the product portfolio and meet challenging business needs.

Based on product lines and business goals, organizations have various demands for software porting and migration. This involves operating system porting, database migration, adapting the latest protocols and standards, removing legacy technologies, leveraging technology stack, providing additional locale support, etc.

Trenser possesses widespread experience in porting and migration software systems. We take up porting and migration activities that cover the enhancement of platform, technology, Operating system, Database, etc., and ensure that your product lines leverage all the advantages offered by the latest technologies. We focus on developing simulators and test stubs to ensure the correctness and completeness of migrated systems. Our porting and migration services are aligned with stringent quality assurance practices to ensure the quality of the enhanced product.

Software maintenance represents the enhancements and improvements to existing software products, which assures a competitive edge for existence and success in any industry. It calls for a perfect strategy to continue maintaining existing products without affecting the development of product lines to meet future roadmaps. Software maintenance ensures the stability of your software products based on the client’s operational needs and provides enhancements according to client requests.

We cover all your software maintenance needs, including level 2, 3, and 4 product support. This involves technical troubleshooting, remote debugging, release support for hotfixes and service packs, performance benchmarking and enhancements, product documentation, localization, and internationalization.


We invest in practicing the latest technologies relevant to the industries we serve. It helps us to provide the best offerings for our customers.

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Hybrid Cloud enables security compliance, cost management, and vendor agonistic implementations.


Extended Reality (XR) brings in contextual and situational intelligence to solve complex problems.


AI systems that simulate human thought, analyzing the environment, context, and intent in real-time


Embedded AI opens up the possibilities for instant predictive and reactive intelligence at the edge