Case Study 13 October 2021 02 min Read

Digital Solution for Student Healthcare

Healthcare Digital Engineering


A comprehensive EHR software specifically built for students’ health program management. It collaborates with various stakeholders to efficiently manage student wellness programs without compromising the security and confidentiality of medical data involved. The BI solution integrated with the EHR ensures that the correct data is processed and presented at the right time. The cloud-based compliance management solution automates compliance checks, notifications, and reporting. It also facilitates a seamless clinical workflow to manage counseling sessions and e-prescriptions.

The customer wanted to build a SaaS-based solution to replace their existing product with advanced features that include clinical workflows to help colleges manage student wellness. Instead of having a license-based on-premises solution, they wanted a centralized cloud-based solution that seamlessly integrates with clinics to facilitate appointments, schedule management, tracking, and online counseling sessions across the country.

Trenser acted as the end-to-end technology partner for the development, from UX design ideas to building the final product. Supported DevOps for the Continuous Integration and Deployment of the entire solution and provided continued maintenance support.

Project Outcome

  • Customer was able to migrate most of the existing end-users to the new solution.
  • The SaaS-based solution helped to open a new revenue stream.
  • Ease of integration with clinics and the latest online counseling features helped customers manage student wellness quite comfortably.

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