Software Testing

Verification, Validation, and Automated Testing services for Cloud, Web, Desktop & Mobile Applications, and Embedded products.


We offer software testing services across the product lifecycle with deep expertise in product testing for various domains. Our services ensure flexible engagement models to reduce cost, easy scale-up, and scale-down. Our domain-aligned services will ensure that the product meets all quality measures demanded by the market.

When two or more software systems communicate with each other and exchange information between them, it is crucial to ensure there is no data leakage. Moreover, the methods used must be compatible with specific standards.

The critical factors involved in interoperability testing are the compatibility of syntax and data format, physical and logical connections, ease of use, data security, and standard compliance. Tests should also ensure that the systems involved in interoperability use cases are not causing any operational issues or data loss while routing data back and forth.

Trenser possesses tremendous expertise in all the major interoperability standards across domains. Our experts understand the use cases quickly and develop the test plan and integration test cases to ensure all possible workflows cover the data exchange. Our certified engineers in the industries’ leading security standards ensure the safety of information going back and forth between various systems.

Conformance testing is also known as compliance testing, which is intended to ensure that a software system meets a defined set of standards. The standards being used are typically established by large, independent organizations focused on providing the standards and the guidelines for validating the same.

At Trenser, we offer various types of conformance testing. We test software implementations against a reference model that confirms the standard being validated. Another service we provide is preparing for domain-based interoperability testing based on the test cases provided by the standard organizations.

With a team of experts in leading standards and protocols across domains, Trenser becomes your perfect partner for conformance testing against industry standards. We focus more on tools and in-house frameworks to automate the validation of messages generated by the software applications under test. We provide the gap analysis reports and test results after validating all the workflows that use the standards.

In today’s shift towards Agile methodologies, continuous integration, and DevOps, organizations demand quick and comprehensive testing to improve quality and reduce time to market. Decreasing the manual effort will drastically reduce the cost, save considerable time, and ensure a guaranteed ROI.

Test automation services help you meet these goals by reducing the testing time, bringing in higher productivity, and allowing greater predictability.
It allows you to efficiently perform repeated tests over multiple platforms, multiple OS, and multi-language systems.

Our test automation services include the integration of ready-to-use frameworks and solutions accelerators that help you speed up automation efforts. Trenser supports you right from the ROI analysis to make sure you expend the effort in the right areas and with the right focus. Our expertise in the test automation tools and technologies used in test automation ensures that you achieve your goals on predicted timelines with improved productivity.

We offer effective testing services that encapsulate technology and tool expertise. We have an optimized SQA strategy ensuring reduced testing costs, faster time-to-market, modern testing processes, and ultimately, improved quality.

We perform software quality assurance activities included in all the phases of the product development. We start right from the Test Planning, then continue to Test Preparation, followed by all the Product Testing. Product Testing includes functional, performance, integrated, system, multi-platform, multi-language, and user acceptance testing.

With vast experience in the tools and technologies, we focus more on automating the repeated manual tests, thereby reducing the testing time and improving product quality by ensuring maximum test coverage.


We invest in practicing the latest technologies relevant to the industries we serve. It helps us to provide the best offerings for our customers.

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Hybrid Cloud enables security compliance, cost management, and vendor agonistic implementations.


Extended Reality (XR) brings in contextual and situational intelligence to solve complex problems.


AI systems that simulate human thought, analyzing the environment, context, and intent in real-time


Embedded AI opens up the possibilities for instant predictive and reactive intelligence at the edge