Case Study 12 October 2021 02 min Read

Lesion characteristics tracking for Digital Mammography

Healthcare Digital Engineering


The BI-RADS system comprises a digital mammography study viewer and a lesion assessment mechanism. During the image review, the radiologist marks lesions and assigns a BI-RADS score for each lesion. The review details are then sent to a server with specific identifiers to track during treatment and post-treatment scenarios. Mammography data are analyzed and compared against the original findings to assess the effectiveness of the medication. This data can be analyzed by approved persons in the CRO using a web interface.

The customer had signed up with many hospitals for clinical trials of breast cancer treatment. Patients volunteered for the treatment and agreed to share their medical data for research purposes. The customer needed a common BI-RADS assessment and image viewer software to avoid complexity and delays in aggregating the data collected by hospitals.

The solution would collect the image review annotations as evidence for the BI-RADS assessment. The software would capture data defined by the CRO and upload anonymized data to central processing software. The software would process the data and create reports to identify the treatment results for the pharma. The entire software solution should be easily customizable for different pharma companies to avoid the development cost for various clients of the CRO.

As a development partner to the customer, Trenser developed the software solution, was involved in customization for various pharma companies, and provided L2 support for installations and maintenance.

Project Outcome

  • The customer achieved around 20% cost reduction in data collection by implementing the new product.
  • Helped to improve the data accuracy through the unified data collection approach used in the software.

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