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Rising online consumers influence the emergence of virtual digital life experiences enabled by connected and social media applications

Why Trenser?

We keep pace with the rapid technology changes in the consumer industry and understand their demands. We are equipped with the latest technologies and practices to build future-ready software solutions. Tell us what you need, and we will create the rest for you.


We develop digital camera software, consumer engagement solutions, consumer applications for entertainment, infotainment, and broadcast media systems. We provide cloud, mobile, web, and embedded software services for the Consumer, Broadcast, and Media domains.

Be it in the studio, ingestion, playout, or broadcast network, monitoring and control systems manage the entire chain to ensure quality is upheld at every stage. We have expertise in building video, audio monitoring, and network equipment control systems. We help OEMs, product companies, and solution providers build, customize, and maintain their software systems as trusted partners.

A seamless experience across TV, Mobile Devices, and Computers have become a minimum expectation nowadays. It requires multi-coded content delivery, tracking, and enabling the right content on the user screen to deliver the best possible user experience. Trenser has experience in cloud and mobile applications that manage multiscreen content delivery. We go that extra mile to investigate what is next, to build future-ready solutions for our customers.

The media and entertainment industry and broadcast companies need to manage their digital assets in the most efficient form. They need to store, archive and retrieve relevant digital assets as quickly as possible to control production costs. The ability of media asset management systems to rapidly access, preview, assemble and deliver programs is critical. We provide you MAM software expertise to develop, maintain and integrate with other vendor systems with minimal engineering effort from your organization.

As content is consumed via apps, apps carry the brand image of companies to a great extent. Consumers build their perception of your brand from the app experience. It can swing either way, meaning a rich content consumption experience will enable high consumer retention, which is key to the business’s success. Building brand-specific apps and apps that deliver content on user devices is one of our key expertise areas. We take a collaborative approach and deliver app experiences that have never been imagined before.

We have been partners working on projects for Japanese customers since 2017. Truly impressive with their passion for technologies and dedication that wins customer trust.


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We invest in practicing the latest technologies relevant to the industries we serve. It helps us to provide the best offerings for our customers.

Cloud computing-network-internet-cloud-communication


Hybrid Cloud enables security compliance, cost management, and vendor agonistic implementations.


Extended Reality (XR) brings in contextual and situational intelligence to solve complex problems.


AI systems that simulate human thought, analyzing the environment, context, and intent in real-time


Embedded AI opens up the possibilities for instant predictive and reactive intelligence at the edge