Trenser CSR Team Visit to H2O

Trenser's recent CSR team visit to the Helping Hands Organization (H2O) located in Menamkulam, Trivandrum.

Training Program for Bamboo Craft Upskilling

Tenser and RIGHTS jointly conducted a Bamboo Crafts training program for women in the tribal colonies of Chinnaparakudy and Thattekannankudy

Distribution of Grass Cutting Machines in Kaviluppara colony

Trenser and Padma Charitable Trust jointly distributed grass-cutting machines to selected men in Mangalam Dam, Kaviluppara Colony.

Distribution of Sewing Machines in Puthenpadam Colony

Trenser distributes sewing machines to select women from the Puthenpadam tribal colony, helping them with self-employment.

Onam at Sadhana Renewal Center, Monvila, Trivandrum

Our CSR team proposed to visit Sadhana Renewal Center, Monvila, Trivandrum during Onam, the local festival of Kerala this year.

CSR Activities

Our CSR initiatives are still in the early stages. However, we contribute to the needy in our society at regular intervals. We stand committed to increasing our contributions every year

Social Responsibility

We are committed to our responsibility to the society and imbibe it into our culture. We do not stop our very purpose at creating employment or striking a balanced life for few. Beyond the organization, we give back to the needy and humble fellow citizens live around us. Our CSR activities are currently limited to the below,

  • Providing supplies to the differently abled citizens at selected rehabilitation centers in our locality. At regular intervals we engage them with our ‘Sharing Meal with a Smile’ approach.
  • Voluntarily participating in the relief activities with manpower assistance and providing supplies in response to the distress situations caused by natural calamities in our locality.

Sustainable Workplace

We provide an ecofriendly, comfortable and healthy workplace that ensure equal employment opportunity, diversity and inclusiveness. We are committed to the wellbeing of everyone in a conducive work environment that is open, transparent, approachable and friendly.

  • As an equal opportunity employer, we do not discriminate our workforce. Rather we embrace the social and cultural diversity into our culture. We do not differentiate, or favor people based on gender, ethnicity, religion or disabilities.
  • Employee engagement and leadership commitment are key to continuous improvement of the organization. We are subscribed to it. We have regular employee engagement programs and are always open to ideas for improving.
  • While providing a comfortable work environment, we strive to conserve energy through various energy management measures. We continuously motivate and engage employees to help implement an energy efficient workplace.