Smart Cities and Buildings enhance human efficiency in a safer and a connected world through intelligent surveillance and automation.

Why Trenser?

Trenser has a cumulative experience of 20 person-years in the Industrial vertical, specializing in Automation and Monitoring and Control. We strongly believe our services will help you to bring in improved efficiency and productivity.


Our services include developing and testing software for industrial automation systems, video security cameras, video management systems, monitoring & control systems, and network management systems. We provide software development, maintenance, testing, and digital engineering services for the Industrial domain.

Trenser, has vast experience in Enterprise mobility and services for mobile enablement of factory floor data. It also has robust solutions for diverse asset management used in a complex industrial environment.

Mobile Enablement

Trenser has an excellent team who can provide mobile solutions to aggregate and view Factory/Floor data on mobile devices inside and outside the enterprise network. These solutions enable floor and production managers and the leadership team to get a bird’s eye view of the ground reality and take decisions at the right time.

Mobile Asset Management

With the advent of RF tags, every piece of equipment, consumables and raw material batch can be traced through a centralized workflow. Trenser provides implementation services ranging from connectivity to data aggregation across the enterprise.

Connecting diverse processes and equipment and providing integrated control solutions often need multi-disciplinary skills. Trenser provides these as an integrated service for any industrial environment, OEMs, and utility companies alike.

Trenser offers design and implementation of Remote Equipment and Process monitoring services. This includes Dashboards for Data Visualization, Trend Analysis, and Alarm Management.

Other related services offered are Integrating and provisioning Sensors and providing a Closed-loop control system using protocols like OPC and IEC 61131-3.

Our HMI services include data visualization for raw and analyzed data, control, status reporting, and user interfaces for equipment. We believe in providing the best User Experience (UX) Design, matching end-user profiles and environments in which the equipment and control systems are used.

We provide System Study, Feasibility Analysis, Return of Investment Analysis, and implementation services for the complete process automation of your enterprise workflow. We undertake automation of industrial equipment as well. Our workflow automation services focus on efficient use of utilities and security enhancement.

Trenser function as an Extended ER&D Center for all our software development needs with a long-term focus. Wow, we're already in the 4th year of working together!

Scott S., Chief Executive Officer @ Costar Technologies In., USA

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We invest in practicing the latest technologies relevant to the industries we serve. It helps us to provide the best offerings for our customers.

Cloud computing-network-internet-cloud-communication


Hybrid Cloud enables security compliance, cost management, and vendor agonistic implementations.


Extended Reality (XR) brings in contextual and situational intelligence to solve complex problems.


AI systems that simulate human thought, analyzing the environment, context, and intent in real-time


Embedded AI opens up the possibilities for instant predictive and reactive intelligence at the edge