Tren’Z 2024 – Celebrating 7 years of TRENSER

A night filled with dazzling stars and even brighter smiles…

Trenser Opens Grand New Office on 7th Annual Day 

Celebrating 7th anniversary and grand new office inauguration at Thejaswini Building, Technopark

AI in Action: Transforming the Future of IT: Workshop

AI in Action workshop by Trenser delves into AI's transformative power in IT, blending theory with practical, hands-on learning.

Christmas Celebration 2023

Spreading joy and festive cheer at Trenser! Check out our happy Christmas moments.

Smash it Up 2.0

Dive into the thrilling world of rallies and thundering smashes! Check out the action-packed moments from Smash It Up 2.0.

Trenser Cricket League 2.0

Step into the cricketing arena with TCL 2.0! Explore the exhilarating moments captured.

Always a great place to work!

Trenser is a great place to build your skills and capability along with your career.

Trenser Super League 2023 

TSL 2023 elevated the excitement and enthusiasm of Trensians


Ours is a work hard and party harder culture. We celebrate and enjoy together every success in our organization. We are proud to share such moments in our organization.