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Professional digital camera software support portal

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Professional photographers always want to keep their devices up-to-date with the latest features and improved system stability. Whenever the OEM releases feature updates, the system must notify the consumers to connect the camera through a mobile application and enable software updates. Additionally, they wanted to provide the option to consumers to request technical support services, send feedback, suggest new features, and collect usage data.

The OEM wanted to develop a cloud-based solution to push new software releases and provide options to raise technical support issues and improve ‘brand connect’ with their consumers. They also wanted to access the camera operation logs to assess the usage of camera features with the consent of users. The usage data thus obtained from multiple cameras are analyzed in the cloud server to provide recommendations to users for better image capture, insights into customer priorities, and improve the product. The log analysis also helped the OEM to understand the feature usage map across users and optimize future product designs.

Trenser engaged as a strategic development partner to the OEM for developing the entire solution in tandem with the customer’s engineering team. We also provide continued software maintenance services for them.

Project Outcome

  • OEM could receive accurate data of feature usage of the cameras, which helped them analyze and optimize new product designs.
  • Significantly improved the overall brand connect and consumer loyalty
  • The solution helped improve user satisfaction for technical support and software maintenance requests with a 50% improvement in response time.

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