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Digital Experience for Photography Studios

Consumer & Media Digital Engineering


The customer wanted to migrate their existing desktop-based Studio Management software to a SaaS-based offering with a configurable workflow supporting 8000+ professional photographers and studios across North America. They wanted to help end-customers sell more printed photos and manage more events. They wanted a solution that works across different client operating systems with a scalable cloud-based multitenant system. The user interface should also support repetitive image management and editing tasks like cropping individuals from a group photo to prepare ID cards with minimum user intervention. Workflows should support a whole new Digital Experience to end customers, including a modern Client Portal on the web and mobile that supports order, payment, delivery acknowledgment, and feedbacks. The customer also wanted flexible business models to offer for different market segments, subscription-based and volume-based models for studios and photographers.

The studio owners and professional photographers spend a lot of their time and effort to receive, manage, deliver orders and, attract and retain their customers. Additionally, when they need to run sales campaigns and manage shootout events, they tend to lose focus on their core competence – capturing elegant photos. They look for specialized CRM solutions that support Project and Order Management features utilizing all digital channels to address these challenges. Also, they love to automate routine digital photo processing workflows and extend a digital experience for their end customers.

Trenser served as a technology partner for the complete product development and post-release maintenance support. The customer provided business use cases, and the team elaborated interactions and created wireframes. Created UX designs jointly. The development process followed Agile Scrum with multiple iterations consisting of three-month release trains.

Project Outcome

  • All existing customers are migrated seamlessly to the new SaaS-based solution.
  • The development team could anticipate data migration requirements and complete migration with a quick turnaround.
  • Reduced technical support costs by 50% compared to the outgoing software product.
  • New revenue streams created - fixed monthly, volume-based, and pay-as-you-go.

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