Case Study 8 October 2021 02 min Read

Virtual Shopping App for E-Retailers

Retail Digital Engineering


The customer wanted to develop a native mobile application with AR technologies to enhance the user’s buying experience with virtual shopping. The solution should also address various AR scenarios for different product types based on configured rules. An example would be placing a selected piece of furniture in a chosen room/ location. The buyer would have an option to save his preferred AR context (measurement of rooms, placement of furniture, etc.). This application also provided a seamless AR experience across multiple buyer devices.

Augmented Reality (AR) enables retailers to significantly reduce store returns by providing a “try-before-buy” digital experience. AR solutions allow customers to visualize products in context – a chair in their living room or their image with a new dress. 3D visualization features additionally provide a walk-around or inspection for potential buyers.

The engagement started as a Proof-of-Concept project and then moved to productisation in three iterations. The product is being continuously enhanced for incorporating new AR scenarios and features.

Project Outcome

  • The deployment of the product resulted in a significant reduction in store returns where the purchase is made after trying the AR features.

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