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Personalized video content platform for training

Consumer & Media Digital Engineering Software Testing


The customer wanted to develop a scalable, microservices-based video streaming architecture to support their training solution. Identity management, user preferences, recommendation, ranking, content authoring, billing, payment, and user support services were to be developed as independent, scalable microservices. End-user applications were to be supported on a wide variety of devices, including Android, iOS, and popular web browsers. Additionally, web-based authoring tools were to be developed to support content creators.

The online training business has seen unprecedented growth in recent times. Every player in this industry wants to provide a personalized learning experience for their customers across multiple gadgets. They envisage everyone competing to make their content unique and rich.

Did the entire development based on a scaled agile framework (SAFe) with three months release-train. CI/CD pipeline was established at the beginning of the project, including automated testing and performance verification. The Trenser team also provided post-development support and maintenance services.

Project Outcome

  • The initial version was released to production within nine months from the project's start.
  • The existing user base was migrated to the new platform stage by stage in three months without any glitches.
  • Non-English versions of end-user applications were released with minimal effort.

Notes from Experts

They're an awesome team to work with..!

It was a great experience to work with Trenser team to create this relatively complex system within time and budget.

Director & CTO

Genius Inc., USA

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