Case Study 13 October 2021 02 min Read

Personalized care using Clinical DSS

Healthcare Application Software


The solution is to leverage the Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS) to enhance orthopedic treatment by introducing treatment suggestions based on historical therapeutic outcomes. The system works on the data captured from the patients about the symptom intensity and the manifestation of ailment. Combined with the treatment results, it helps suggest the most suitable treatments for a new patient with similar symptoms. As the decision-making process refers to growing data and its analysis, the system progressively provides more accurate suggestions in the long run.

An unprecedented convergence of medical knowledge, technology, and data science is revolutionizing patient care. To enable patient-centric treatment planning, the customer wanted to build a system that leverages the historical treatment knowledge to suggest the most optimized orthopedic treatment possibilities. The CDSS shall not be limited strictly to orthopedic treatments, instead customizable for other pathologies. The system shall also allow the patient to select the ailment areas and pain intensities on a 3D model.

The core team is involved in the project right from the conceptualization stage and throughout the implementation. The Mathematical model was realized with the help of a reputed university partnership. The development team also helped the integration with multiple EMR systems.

Project Outcome

  • Successfully completed eight University Hospital integrations across Europe in six months.
  • Feedback analysis shows that about 30% increase in personal satisfaction compared to traditional treatment planning.

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