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Digital Platform for Integrated Healthcare

Healthcare Digital Engineering Software Testing


A comprehensive healthcare platform that processes and exchanges heterogeneous patient health data originating from disparate sources, complying with regulatory standards without compromising privacy. The solution also presents the data from multiple sources in a single consolidated form to the patients. The platform is capable of processing the patient data in EHR and conducting various analytics like epidemic outbreak possibilities. The backend built as a SaaS solution provides services to clients and patients through both web and mobile applications.

The customer wanted to build a software platform to facilitate the transformation of heterogeneous health data and support its seamless exchange among disparate health service providers and patients. It would be a SaaS-based solution targeted to be beneficial to hospitals, clinics, and individual patients. The revenue model would be based on the patient record transactions. The platform would also facilitate the easy integration of third-party services like clinical-pathological labs and insurance providers.

Trenser played as a technology solutions partner to the customer for the entire SaaS platform and client applications development. Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) was facilitated by adopting DevOps. We constituted an additional team to fulfill software customization and third-party integration as the customer onboarded multiple end-users. We also provided L2/L3 post-deployment support services.

Project Outcome

  • Built the minimum viable product (MVP) in 4 months, which helped the customer draw end-user enthusiasm and onboard early adopters.
  • The first public rollout was announced on a trial basis in 10 months, with 28 independent health services providers completed integrating the product.

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