31 May 2024 2 min read

Tren’Z 2024 – Celebrating 7 years of TRENSER

A night filled with dazzling stars and even brighter smiles…

TrenZ’24 was a cinematic masterpiece from start to finish🎬

Trenser’s 7 years of success was celebrated to the fullest with music, dance, magic, and so much more. Trensians stole the show with their amazing talents and outstanding performances. And the night witnessed a showstopping fashion show where Trensians walked the ramp in stunning outfits.

From turning up as iconic movie characters to stellar performances, TrenZ’24 was an absolutely out-of-the-world theatrical experience. TrenZ’24 marked the finale of a month of exhilarating competitions, and the entire arena was buzzing with excitement as the teams raised their cup.

Entertainment peaked as the powerful vocals of Sayanora, the groovy beats of the Pagli band, and the Neelapada band set the stage ablaze with their electrifying performances.

The night was nothing short of movie magic 📽️, and we cannot wait for next year…