3 Feb 2024 2 min read

Bright Beginnings, Empowering Young Visionaries

Trenser CSR Team's Visit to APJ Abdul Kalam Residential School, Attapadi

Attappadi | Palakkad,  February 3rd 2024

We’re excited to share our recent Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts at the APJ Abdul Kalam Tribal Residential School in Attappadi, led by our dedicated CSR team, SPARK (Spreading Positivity through Acts of Responsibility and Kindness).

The mission of APJ Abdul Kalam Residential School is to provide education and foster values of self-sufficiency, humanity, social responsibility, and sustainability among tribal children, specifically the Kurumba tribe. This initiative is crucial for including children from this tribal sect as they progress in their education from standard first to twelve. Joining APJ School in this noble initiative, Trenser sponsored the education and other expenses of 10 students, ensuring their access to quality education and personal growth opportunities. The school management expressed deep gratitude for our continued support. During our visit to the school, we were deeply impressed by the exceptional talent exhibited by the students. Together, we are committed to fostering brighter futures for these young minds.

We thank our volunteers for their commitment and tireless efforts in making this program a memorable experience for all involved. Their enthusiasm and dedication resonated profoundly with the children, creating moments of joy and empowerment. Our special thanks to Uma Preman, the visionary leader behind APJ School, for allowing us to engage meaningfully and contribute to the student’s development. Her dedication to education and community enrichment is inspiring.

SPARK’s journey continues towards meaningful change and a more inclusive future. We are committed to our purpose with optimism and determination, believing in the power of kindness and responsibility to make a difference.