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Workflow Software for Waste Management

Industrial Digital Engineering Embedded Software


Waste management is a complex process that involves the material collection, fleet management, sorting, stock management, recycling, and environmental compliance. The software for waste management operation interconnects material collecting bins, ATMs to disburse money, and several pieces of equipment such as video cameras, weighing scales, barcode readers, printers, and ID card scanners. The software automates the entire workflow providing the best user interface to every stakeholder in the operations chain, from truck drivers and counter operators to the operations managers.

The customer wanted to migrate their existing global client base to a new SaaS-based solution. The solution offers advanced customizable workflow, optimal truck-roll scheduling, centralized software updates, and pay-per-use feature subscription models. A complete cloud-web-mobile-based solution with smart bins integrated using IoT, payment gateways, ATMs, and various third-party web services. The terminal software (POS) integrates weighing scales, cameras, and intelligent customer ID verification solution with a touch-friendly slick user interface enabling a superior user experience built over a zero-install browser-based software.

Strategic partnership with a long-term contract to provide one-stop software development services working as an extended Engineering R&D wing of the customer consisting of development teams for cloud, mobile, web, and embedded streams. A field study of the existing client base and a POC helped build product knowledge and design the best technical solution architecture. The multi-skilled team followed a scaled agile development model covering the complete development cycle, including the incremental product rollouts and migration of existing clients to the new platform.

Project Outcome

  • The geographically dispersed installed environment with weak internet connection posed major software design challenges. However, the compelling benefits of zero-install client-side software pushed the designers to the limits resulting in a distributed software architecture.
  • With the sync-and-continue feature, the system performance is similar to locally installed software on a browser-based client application avoiding field software maintenance.
  • Integrated embedded IoT-based solution enabled smart-bins that allow effectively scheduling truck-rolls and help to save operational costs to end customers.

Notes from Experts

They proactively troubleshoot issues without asking!

The sense of ownership comes from top down. I feel happy that how well this relationship evolved over the last four years serving my engineering talent needs!

Shy Cohen, CEO

Shy Cohen Consulting, USA.

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