3 Apr 2023 < 1 minute

Trenser Becomes Great Place to Work Certified

Trenser becomes a Great Place to Work Certified organisation as a recognition of its exceptional workplace culture.

Trivandrum, 24 March 2023

Trenser Technology Solutions (P) Ltd, a leading provider of digital product engineering services, has achieved the Great Place to Work accreditation, recognizing its exceptional workplace culture. This certification is awarded to companies that successfully deliver a high-trust, high-performance culture for their employees. The Culture Audit and Trust Index Score, based on employee questionnaires on several work dimensions, were the evaluation criteria.

Trenser’s certification was awarded in the Mid-Size Organizations category, demonstrating its commitment to promoting a healthy workplace atmosphere and providing staff members access to continuing education. The company’s success is rooted in its emphasis on creating a culture of trust and performance that prioritizes clients, invests in knowledge expansion, and treats employees as its most valuable resource.

This accreditation confirms Trenser’s commitment to creating an office culture where reliability, righteousness, and companionship are appreciated among its team. Trenser is proud to have built a supportive, engaging, and optimistic work environment that attracts and retains top talent.

Moving forward, Trenser is excited to build on its achievements and continue to create a workplace that fosters creativity, collaboration, and growth. The company thanks the Great Place to Work Institute for this honour and its employees for making Trenser a truly great place to work.