Case Study 11 October 2021 02 min Read

Provisioning software for IP Camera networks

Industrial Application Software


The installation and configuration of various camera models require lots of technical know-how. It becomes a tedious task for the integrators and technical support staff, especially where physical access is limited. A unified software solution that works across various platforms and supports all camera models can significantly reduce installation overhead and maintenance time.

Technical support teams and system integrators dealing with camera installations needed a single software solution that supports the installation and configuration of various camera models. The customer wanted to develop a unified software solution that supports multiple camera models on desktop PC and mobile devices. The software would provide live video streaming with PTZ controls to facilitate easy installation of the cameras even at locations where physical access is restricted. The software supports the geographical mapping of cameras that help the support team quickly locate the sites post-installation.

Trenser executed the entire project with a phased approach where the initial phase was to develop an MVP with a minimal number of camera models support. Upon successful evaluation of the MVP, delivered the feature-complete version of the software in two subsequent phases.

Project Outcome

  • The solution helped significantly in reducing the installation overhead and thereby cost-savings.
  • The batch firmware update feature could drastically reduce the effort of technical support staff.

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