In today’s world, every business conversation revolves around SMAC – Social, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud Computing -to speed up digital innovation. Trenser can help enterprises migrate existing applications to public/private/hybrid cloud platforms, and provide new cloud solutions development rapidly on leading cloud platforms meeting quality and performance requirements. With proven experience in IaaS, PaaS and SaaS, we facilitate IaaS providers streamline operations by supporting implementation of Cloud service automation, orchestration and service monitoring.
Cloud Enablement
Cloud Enablement
Cloud enablement is transforming enterprise IT by leveraging the cloud to deliver cost-effective business solutions. Cloud enablement involves challenges in operational consistency, topological dependencies, deployment policies, and inter-cloud architecture. Enterprises often find complexities in cloud integration of their existing infrastructure and service level reliability. They need to ensure adherence to security protocols and regulations so that their applications are safe on the cloud. 

Trenser will help you build SaaS-based applications that basically use cloud infrastructure. Our SaaS-based cloud applications are resilient and reliable. These applications will provide REST like APIs to create Mobile / Tablet custom applications to enable efficient workflow. This approach leverages cloud features, increasing robustness of the applications. As your cloud partner, we would develop SaaS-based applications on cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. These applications utilize cloud services such as database processing, networking, and collaboration to deliver business growth and maximize productivity.
Application Migration
Application Migration
Cloud migration services enable the business to move their existing Desktop, web applications and platform services exposed to end customers to Cloud architecture. This requires analyzing the applications and migrating this to Mobility applications with Backend services. Flexibility needs to be given to the end customer for choice of private or public cloud, native or hybrid app. Trenser’s extensive experience in successfully migrating hundreds of engineering and business applications will be a boon.
Cloud Management
Cloud Management
Cloud management is the maintenance all applications hosted on cloud platforms. Managing and monitoring these applications continuously is essential for them to work optimally. A cloud management system should be able to manage a pool of heterogeneous computing resources, monitor security, manage resource allocation, and ensure minimum downtime. Hybrid cloud environments have their own issues with security and managing information flow. 

Trenser provides cloud management services with continuous remote monitoring of applications hosted on the cloud. Our cloud management services enable enterprises to proactively monitor the health and performance of cloud infrastructure as well as that of applications hosted on the cloud.

While deploying a private, public, or hybrid cloud solution our cloud operations management assures complete visibility and real-time awareness of the entire cloud infrastructure. We ensure near-zero downtime and help organizations achieve greater operational agility along with better IT governance.
Why Trenser?
Transforming business using Cloud is to be done with expert help as any delay will potentially disrupt your business. Trenser has done successful transformation many times over last 18 months and our secret sauce will deliver you intended business results.
Case Studies
White Papers
Asset management system for Vehicle Service Centre
Client Needs
Vehicle service center wanted to develop an asset management system across their service centers. RF tags and Barcodes are used to identify assets and manage its warranty, repair and calibration. Typical assets are repair tools.
Engagement Scope
  • System study and Design
  • Hardware integration (RF Readers and barcode scanners )
  • Implementation
  • Commissioning
AWS, JavaScript , Angular JS , Node.js