Application Development
Application Development
With emerging technologies and advancements in the market, business across industries is witnessing new challenges and opportunities. End users are demanding applications with a high degree of personalization, enhanced connectivity, quick responses and adaptability to upcoming trends.

With experience across all major industries, we help you to race ahead of the competition by leveraging emerging technologies, adapting to latest trends and achieving dynamic business objectives. We combine deep expertise in technologies and capability to architecture complex solutions to help you define and execute your roadmaps on predictable timelines.

Trenser offers a wide spectrum of services that support all your application development and maintenance requirements. Our flexibility in engagement models and the fast-paced agile based development practices ensure a faster time to market.
Application Development
Custom Application Development
Custom Application Development
Write-once-use-anywhere is not always a reality considering the enterprise needs of today’s market. You often end up in a situation where packaged software is not meeting your requirements or not allowing the flexibility to customize.

Feasibility studies and proof of concept developments are essential parts of your custom application development. It helps to decide right tools and technologies; and thereby plays a crucial role in the success of your product. 

The roadmap to a successful final product involves various stages like understanding end user scenarios, requirement elaboration including the implied needs, performance benchmarking, privacy & security considerations, architectural and detailed design, implementation & integration and quality assurance.

Trenser custom application development practices are developed for you to meet all your challenges in this space. We help you to productize your ideas with our expertise in designing robust and scalable solutions that ensure high availability and business continuity. With a well-defined set of practices, we can support your custom application development needs right from tools and technology selection till the product maintenance and support.
Application Modernization
Application Modernization
Application modernization addresses some of the common challenges often faced by organizations related to legacy product lines. Outdated technology platforms, increased cost of sustenance and inability to utilize emerging technologies to enable new revenue streams are some of the major challenges faced by every organization. 
Based on the product lines and end customer expectations, application modernization needs vary.
Operating system migration, Database migration, cloud enablement of desktop based solutions, payment gateway integration, IoT enablement and device integration etc. are some of the most common needs coming up as part of application modernization.

Trenser service offerings enable you to analyze business needs effectively and come up with the right strategy for application modernization. Our expertise in emerging technologies helps you to choose the right technologies to depend on, architect the solutions, implement, integrate and validate the end product.
Porting and Migration
Porting and Migration
Evolution of latest technologies help organizations to move out from inflexible and expensive software solutions towards dynamic, cost effective, customizable and real-time solutions. That is how porting and migration becomes a basic need of every organization in today’s highly competitive market. These efforts help companies to modernize the product portfolio and meet challenging business needs.

Based on product lines and business goals, organizations have various demands for software porting and migration.This involves operating system porting, database migration, adapting latest protocols and standards, dependency removal of legacy technologies, leveraging technology stack, providing additional locale support etc.

Trenser possesses widespread experience in porting and migration of software systems. We take up porting and migration activities that cover the enhancement of platform, technology, Operating system, Database etc. and ensures that your product-lines leverage all the advantages offered by the latest technologies. We focus on developing simulators and test stubs to ensure the correctness and completeness of migrated systems. Our porting and migration services are aligned with stringent quality assurance practices to ensure the quality of the enhanced product.
Software Maintenance
Software Maintenance
Software maintenance represents the enhancements and improvements to existing software products, which assures a competitive edge necessary for existence and success in any industry. It calls for a perfect strategy to continue the maintenance of existing products without affecting the development of product lines to meet the future roadmaps. Software maintenance ensures the stability of your software products based on the client’s operational needs and provides enhancements according to client requests.

We at Trenser take up all your software maintenance needs including level 2, 3 and 4 product support. This involves technical troubleshooting, remote debugging, release support for hotfixes and service packs, performance benchmarking and enhancements, product documentation, localization and internationalization.
Why Trenser?
Our principals has got a cumulative experience of around 100 man years in software application design and development. This experience along with our domain expertise make us a perfect partner for your application development needs.
Case Studies
White Papers
Truck fleet management
Client Needs

A Transportation Service Company providing inland container shipment movement wanted to monitor the movement of trucks real-time.
  • Design and develop a GPS tracking unit and interface it with data network to be fixed in trucks
  • Develop Web and mobile applications (iOS and Android ) to show status of all trucks in a google map
  • Provide estimated arrival time based on destination , current location and rules set
  • Standalone web view for end customer (individual truck position )

Engagement Scope
  • Select GPS module and communication module
  • Design and develop custom box to be fixed in Truck
  • Develop a cloud backend to collect position information of trucks
  • Rule configuration engine
  • Mobile and Web app design and implementation


JavaScript, AngularJS, AWS, iOS, Android, 3G/LTE module integration with GPS sensor
Data visualization for process flow in a Fertilizer plant
Client Needs
Fertilizer Company wanted process flow to be visualized.
  • Company uses an old SCADA system mostly home grown
  • All the existing user interface is DOS based
Engagement Scope
Work with Client to understand the existing system and flow to propose new UI.
  • UX design & Implementation of 18 screens with average 8 data elements
  • Data integration to visualize process flow real time
  • Work with Client to ensure data accuracy
WPF, JAVA script, C++ and Adobe XD
Game console management software
Client Needs
System integrator providing gaming consoles and software solutions required a software solution that allow management of electronic game consoles from multiple vendors.
  • Central management software that support game consoles from multiple vendors
  • Push broadcast, multicast or unicast advertisements to game console auxiliary displays
  • Retrieve orders from game stations for food & beverages and send to 3rd party system
  • Dashboards with success rate and trends of individual and groups of consoles
  • Firmware update game console interfacing embedded controllers
Engagement Scope
Developed a complete web based software on Microsoft Windows platform that communicates with embedded controllers that allow management functions as well as interfacing to display terminals (digital signage system) on game stations.
  • Web services for console management, Ad contents and firmware update
  • Webserver user interfaces for Administration, Provision and Monitoring
  • Android application for remote management
  • Interactive Ad push and order management integration
  • Device Analytics based dashboards and trend analysis to distribute probability across all types of game consoles