Software Sustenance
Software Sustenance
A highly competitive market, varying trends, rapidly evolving technologies and changing user needs are challenging factors for organizations to quickly introduce new products and enhancements. The story never ends but, begins with the release of a new software product. It is equally or more important to keep the value of the software and extend its lifetime.

Maintaining a large legacy install base without affecting the development of future product lines to meet the business roadmaps becomes tricky nowadays. It calls for a perfect strategy and smart utilization of the available resources.

As an end to end partner for your software maintenance activities, Trenser take up all your software sustenance needs. We take up the ownership of your software maintenance by an effective outsourcing model. Our wide spectrum of services includes Feature enhancements, porting & Migration, Product support, Release management, product documentation and performance enhancements.
Software Sustenance
Feature Enhancements
Feature Enhancements
The need for feature enhancement and continuous innovation becomes imminent as your software products mature in the market. With evolving business models and rapid changes in market, the product needs to stay nimble to retain the competitive edge.

Quick and consistent feature enhancement releases is the key component of product sustenance to ensure that your software products occupy the top of the market.

Our services are designed in such a way to guarantee a high degree of product quality, easy marketing and a lesser time to market. We have product enhancement activities including impact analysis and regressions to ensure that there is no lack of quality as a side effect of the feature enhancements.
Technology Enhancement & Migration
Technology Enhancement & Migration
Evolution of latest technologies help organizations to move out from inflexible and expensive software solutions towards dynamic, cost effective, customizable and real-time solutions. This ensures Technology Enhancement & Migration, are the basic needs of every organization in today’s highly competitive market. These efforts help companies to modernize the product portfolio and meet challenging business needs.

Based on product lines and business goals, organizations have various demands in this genre. This involves operating system porting, database migration, adapting latest protocols and standards, dependency removal of legacy technologies, leveraging technology stack, providing additional locale support etc.

Trenser possess widespread experience in technology enhancement and migration of software systems. We take up the activities that cover enhancement of platform, technology, Operating system, Database etc. and ensure that your product-lines leverage all the advantages offered by latest technologies. We focus on developing simulators and test stubs to ensure the correctness and completeness of migrated systems. Our services are aligned with stringent quality assurance practices to ensure the quality of enhanced product.
Product Support
Product Support
Software products mandate continuous maintenance and support for effectively handling the rapidly changing market needs. Considering the frequent software upgrades due to evolving technological advancements, software product support becomes the key to sustain products in a focused way.

Trenser takes up all your software product support needs including the level 2, 3 and 4 support. 

This involves technical troubleshooting, remote debugging, release support for hotfixes and service packs, performance benchmarking and enhancements, product documentation, localization and internationalization.
Release Management
Release Management
Software Release management focuses on ensuring reduced time to market and increasing productivity. As an end to end partner we support all your software sustenance activities. Along with better quality assurance, we perform wide varieties of release management activities for hotfixes and service pack releases. We ensure proper impact analysis, regressions including automated test suites, test planning, build activities, impact analysis, and user manual based testing.
Case Studies
Engineering data acquisition software migration from 32 bit to 64 bit Linux
Client Needs
OEM has a data acquisition system developed in 32bit Linux, mostly used in process industries. They wanted to migrate this solution to 64bit as more data points to be supported. There were no documents of the system as it is developed 15 years back by a third party
Engagement Scope
  • Re-engineer the source code to establish a design document
  • Identify evaluation test cases
  • Migrate to 64bit Operating system
  • Revamp the User interface
Linux and QT