Software Modernization
Software Modernization
Common challenges often faced by organizations are related to legacy systems, outdated technology platforms, the cost of sustenance and inability to utilize new technology to enable new revenue streams. Software modernization is the solution to these challenges. However, realizing the right technology choice and capturing business scenarios into end to end digitized scenarios (digital Transformation) require expertise beyond mere software development experience.
Software Modernization
Legacy software migration
Trenser provides legacy software migration to modern platforms. This includes Operating Systems migration, application redesign to meet new platform requirements, database migration and tools upgrades. Based on business needs sometimes legacy migration requires Cloudification as well.

Typical scenarios across are
  • Windows old version to new version migration
  • Windows to Linux and vice versa
  • Desktop to web based application
  • Relational DB to NoSQL database
  • Oracle to MySQL / PostgreSQL for cost reduction
Legacy software migration
Digital Enablement
Digital Enablement is the key factor in the Digital Transformation journey. Trenser will help you to digitize business scenarios for ensuring enhanced Customer Experience & smarter Business Processes, leading to innovative business models, and also thereby opens new revenue streams.

Typical scenarios we come across are
  • Payment gateway integration for e-commerce
  • B2B connectivity
  • IoT device data integration
  • Enabling data analytics and Business intelligence to derive insights to enhance business value
Digital Enablement
Moving your desktop and web application to suitable cloud platforms (Cloudification) is often quite challenging. Trenser will help you to achieve this goal seamlessly and with multiple options. We will help you choose the right cloud environment based on budget and performance requirements. Trenser offers Cloudification based on most popular cloud platforms (Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure Web service, Heroku and Cloudfoundary).

We support following Technology stack as well
  • JavaScript for User Interface (Angular & React)
  • Mobile Apps (iOS, Android, Xamarin, cordova)
  • Backend – NodeJS, Ruby on Rails, JAVA, Spring IO/ SpringBoot, ASP.NET WebAPI
Identifying business scenarios and creating your digital strategies are key factors in software Modernization. Trenser will help you in this crucial step. Based on this an implementation and deployment roadmap will be created. Trenser is happy to create Proof of concept prototypes to assess your business impact as well as to fine tune your digital strategy and modernizing your roadmap.
Why Trenser?
Trenser’s track record with software modernization is impeccable. We realize that the business understanding is the key for success in software modernization. We in Trenser, believe we can achieve this by collaborating with you at the right spirit.
Case Studies
White Papers
Game console management software
Client Needs
System integrator providing gaming consoles and software solutions required a software solution that allow management of electronic game consoles from multiple vendors.
  • Central management software that support game consoles from multiple vendors
  • Push broadcast, multicast or unicast advertisements to game console auxiliary displays
  • Retrieve orders from game stations for food & beverages and send to 3rd party system
  • Dashboards with success rate and trends of individual and groups of consoles
  • Firmware update game console interfacing embedded controllers
Engagement Scope
Developed a complete web based software on Microsoft Windows platform that communicates with embedded controllers that allow management functions as well as interfacing to display terminals (digital signage system) on game stations.
  • Web services for console management, Ad contents and firmware update
  • Webserver user interfaces for Administration, Provision and Monitoring
  • Android application for remote management
  • Interactive Ad push and order management integration
  • Device Analytics based dashboards and trend analysis to distribute probability across all types of game consoles