IOT & Device Analytics
IOT & Device Analytics
The Internet of Things (IoT) is all about the connectivity of physical objects powered by embedded technology. It senses and communicates data from surroundings- industrial process parameters, engine status of an automobile or aircraft, room temperature, wind direction, so on and so forth. IoT has opened up infinite possibilities based on near real-time data availability and analytical inference based on this data. You may have a business goal to boost your productivity, generate new revenue streams, enhance security, optimize service support or radically transform your business model itself. All these become possible with IoT and device analytics. It requires software capabilities with an analytical mindset and embedded engineering skills to develop solutions by leveraging IoT & Device Analytics.
IOT & Device Analytics
Connectivity Enablement
Trenser provides connectivity enablement solutions based on the application domain. Based on environmental factors and power requirement, we offer LoRa, ZigBee, BLE, Wi-Fi based connectivity enablement or cellular connectivity (3G/LTE). To reduce the form factor of the device sometimes target device itself is modified to integrate the communication stack. Backend Services for data transfer is designed based on private or public cloud - Amazon and Azure remain the most popular choice of cloud now, but Trenser offers Fog or other private cloud services as well. As part of Connectivity Enablement, we support different gateways and sensor integration modules.

  • Typical sensor integration protocols used are
    • LoRa,ZigBee,BLE,Wi-Fi,SPI,I2C,UART,USB,SDHC,PCIe,miniPCIe
  • Typical Gateways used are
    • DE3815TYKHE,Dell Wyse 3290,GB-BXBT-3825,QorIQ® LS1021A-IoT,uCP1020
  • Typical Senor integration modules are
    • Arduino based, Intel® Curie™ based and Tele IT
  • Typical Cloud environment
    • Amazon, Azure & Heroku
Connectivity Enablement
Analysis & Visualization
Analyzing data from IoT device is done based on popular data analytics engines or custom build engines to suit the scenario and data visualization solution is offered on both Web and Mobile platforms.
  • Typical Data analysis & visualization 
    • R, Tableau , QuickSight
  • Web UI frameworks
    • JavaScript (Angular JS , React ),HTML5 & D3
  • Mobile/Tablets
    • Android, iOS, UWP
Analysis & Visualization
Application Integration
Integrating sensor data or analytics to your existing business workflow is the most important step in unlocking its business value. Typical integration effort involves
  • Designing a new dashboard
  • Enable new business rules
  • Setting up alarms for different data streams
Application Integration
We help you to define the right IoT strategy to achieve your business goals. A structured approach is taken to understand your business needs & offer a solution architecture. Based on this, we do the system design choosing the right sensor integration modules, data modelling and Application development or customization.
Why Trenser?
Our Product Engineering DNA along with data analytics capabilities enable us to be the most suitable partner for developing IoT based end to end business solutions.
Case Studies
White Papers
Truck fleet management
Client Needs

A Transportation Service Company providing inland container shipment movement wanted to monitor the movement of trucks real-time.
  • Design and develop a GPS tracking unit and interface it with data network to be fixed in trucks
  • Develop Web and mobile applications (iOS and Android ) to show status of all trucks in a google map
  • Provide estimated arrival time based on destination , current location and rules set
  • Standalone web view for end customer (individual truck position )

Engagement Scope
  • Select GPS module and communication module
  • Design and develop custom box to be fixed in Truck
  • Develop a cloud backend to collect position information of trucks
  • Rule configuration engine
  • Mobile and Web app design and implementation

JavaScript, AngularJS, AWS, iOS, Android, 3G/LTE module integration with GPS sensor