Media & Entertainment
Media & Entertainment
The Media and Entertainment industry has witnessed a transition from linear broadcast TV to OTT TV, which was a giant leap due to changes in consumer habits. Personal viewing has overtaken traditional broadcast content as a result of the proliferation of mobile devices, decline in per unit cost of data and availability of rich media contents. According to PwC “as media evolves to a direct-to-consumer world, nowhere is the competition fiercer than in television. Video commands the most revenue of any E&M sector, about US$420 billion globally in subscriptions and advertising in 2015”. Services and Apps have become more important than ever before.

Users spend two out of every three minutes of their mobile consumption time on digital media, and apps dominate here. Apps are influencing how users consume content as they become the preferred format of content delivery. Functionality-rich apps and services are key to increasing user engagement. Service providers are under continuous pressure to improve their content delivery chain right from production to delivery. Solution providers and product vendors are equally challenged for continuous innovation to exceed customer demands.

Trenser knows the challenges of the industry stakeholders and has the expertise to build software products and experiences for E&M industry. Be it consumer apps, production control, playout monitoring, workflow schedulers, content management or broadcast equipment monitoring & control, the collective expertise of our principals ensure your expectation of product experience will be met to your fullest satisfaction.
Media & Entertainment
Broadcast Monitoring
Broadcast Monitoring
Be it in the studio, ingestion, playout or broadcast network, the entire chain is managed by monitoring and control systems to ensure quality is upheld at every stage. We have expertise in building video & audio monitoring and network equipment control systems. We help OEMs, product companies and solution providers in building, customizing and maintaining their software systems as a trusted partner.

Multiscreen Apps
Multiscreen Apps
A seamless experience across TV, Mobile Devices and Computers has become a minimum expectation nowadays. It requires multi-coded content delivery, tracking and enabling the right content on the user screen to deliver the best possible user experience. Trenser has experience in cloud and mobile enabling multi-screen content delivery software. We go that extra mile to investigate what is next, to build future ready solutions for our customers.
Media Asset Management
Media Asset Management
The media and entertainment industry and broadcast companies need to manage their digital assets in the most efficient form. They need to store, archive and retrieve relevant digital assets as quickly as possible to control production costs. The ability of media asset management systems to rapidly access, preview, assemble and deliver programs is critical. We provide you MAM software expertise to develop, maintain and integrate with other vendor systems with minimal engineering effort from your organization.
Brand Apps
Brand Apps
As content is consumed via apps at the consumer end, apps carry the brand image of companies to a great extent. Consumers build their perception of your brand from the app experience. It can swing either way, meaning a rich content consumption experience will enable a high degree of consumer retention, which is key to the business success. Building brand specific apps and apps that deliver content on user devices is one of our key expertise areas. We take a collaborative approach and deliver app experiences that have not been imagined before.
Why Trenser?
Being an organization that keeps the pace of a startup, Trenser always follow technology adoptions and consumer demands in the E&M industry. We are small, yet rich experienced, and nimble at our heart to think and deliver software services to build future ready solutions for your organization. Tell us your needs and wishes, we will go and build the rest for you.
Case Studies
White Papers
Media Asset Management for PayTV Operator
Client Needs
Pay TV operator providing nationwide broadcast of FTA and paid contents wanted to build new media asset management software with providing modern user interfaces for over the top services to deliver own contents.
  • Audio, video & metadata management with centralized content management
  • Support Ingest, Indexing, storage & retrieval of all digital assets
  • Integration with 3rd party workflow systems
Engagement Scope
Revival of the user interface on top of the open source based MAM core engine to provide better user experience and aesthetics. Replaced the entire application layer source code.
  • Analysis of existing MAM software and suggestion of new solution
  • User case analysis and wireframe preparations
  • Complete application layer development with new look and feel (except graphic design)
  • Test automation and testing with supported 3rd party software
C#, WPF, SQL Server