With a large spectrum of connected wearable devices, intelligent information systems and clinical applications that enhance patient care, the healthcare industry is witnessing extensive adoption of emerging technologies. In addition to this, managing the healthcare cost without compromising the quality of patient care is always a challenge for healthcare providers. A crucial factor in this is the selection of right tools and technologies. This is where Trenser can help you with our deep-rooted expertise in this domain. We focus on helping you to build a comprehensive healthcare ecosystem without compromising regulatory norms or the quality of patient care.

Our service portfolio includes development and testing of engineering software that controls medical devices, clinical applications and information systems. We also focus on maintenance of legacy healthcare systems and thereby freeing up your R&D strength to focus on future developments.
Connected Healthcare
Connected Healthcare
To meet major challenges like the rising aging population and evolving care models, the healthcare world is becoming smarter everyday with emerging technologies that bring all the health records to your fingertips.

Trenser helps you build a connected healthcare ecosystem with our expertise in integrating wearable devices with remote patient monitoring systems, providing cloud based solutions for the transfer of healthcare data of remote patients and mobile/web/desktop applications to analyze and visualize the data.
Seamless exchange of data between multiple platforms is critical in healthcare systems. Be it any complex data - clinical, radiology, administrative, lab, pharmacy or financial - It has to be carried across various systems without any delay or data loss. Trenser helps you to build an infrastructure for this data exchange with our expertise in healthcare standards and protocols.
Information Systems
Information Systems
Information systems play a crucial role in ensuring quality care without compromising data security. Understanding regulatory constraints and response time is critical in ensuring patient privacy and safety. Trenser has tremendous expertise in developing healthcare information systems and integrating them with other clinical systems.
Healthcare Analytics
Healthcare Analytics
Healthcare reporting matrices are unavoidable in the current scenario where every healthcare organization is looking for cost optimization without compromising the quality of patient care. Regulatory standards and movements like HIE, HITSP etc. also mandate frequent submission of healthcare data in specific formats.

With the tremendous expertise in healthcare standards and interoperability, Trenser can help in developing infrastructure for data reporting and the applications for presentation & analysis of the data to make meaning out of it. Our experience in the development of mobile and cloud based solutions help us to offer a complete set of services to support healthcare analytic efforts.
Why Trenser?
A collective experience of more than 50 man years in healthcare industry makes Trenser a natural choice as your most trusted engineering service partner to build quality healthcare systems. With our vast experience that ranges from post processing clinical applications to real time acquisition systems help us to provide wide variety of service offerings that meet your challenges.
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Optimizing Medical Device Utilization

Client Needs 

Client wanted to optimize medical equipment utilization and justify new equipment purchase  

  • Pull actual usage time of medical devices from medical records and information systems
  • Correlate the device signatures from medical devices and scheduling systems to the actual devices
  • Generate utilization reports, equipment-wise and department-wise
  • Mobile and web based interface for the reports

Engagement scope

  • Work with the Hospital IT team 
  • Develop configurable data correlation engine
  • Develop configurable reports 


   Java, Node JS, Express.js, Angular 2, Xamarin