The retail industry will witness more changes in the next 5 years than in the last 50 years! A new definition of convenience is emerging as customers demand that retailers fulfill immediately or even predict their needs. Changing technology and increasing consumer expectations for a seamless experience will redefine retail shopping in the near future.

Consumers want a highly personalized experience from transactional services. Retailers will adopt in-store mobile and smart devices (IoT), integrate social analytics and 3D printing to provide a highly personalized consumer experience. Mobile devices will play a significant role in the shopping experience right from comparing buying choices to checkout payments. Software and technology strategy will be a key success factor to lead or maintain market share.
In-Store Experience
In-Store Experience
Redefining the consumer experience requires a staged migration process of existing systems to next generation in-store experience systems. It requires integration, interoperability, mobile enablement and connectivity enablement of multiple software and systems. We have experience in developing mobile apps for multiple platforms under cloud and hosted environments.

Our experience spans from RFID based smart labeling, cloud enabling conventional digital signage displays for smart advertising and user feedback systems. We help retailers, software integrators and product companies in software development, customization and integration services.
Remote Store Management
Remote Store Management
Now franchises and store owners are just a click away from getting insights into their businesses, even while on the go. They have the ability to remotely. monitor, administer and manage daily transactions from any location while simultaneously getting information on the latest trends. Integrated mobile connected smart safes, backend systems, and video surveillance allow the shop owners and administrators to work from their virtual offices on their iPads or Android devices.
Our experience in mobile and cloud enabling software systems can be leveraged by OEMs, product companies and retailers to build their next generation software solutions.
POS Software
POS Software
Conventional POS systems are being transformed into custom tablet based software solutions. They reduce cost, offer more flexibility in upgrades and ease of long term maintainability. Thanks to mobile advancements mPOS systems are becoming the norm these days. mPOS systems and mobile payments together offer significant contribution towards an improved in-store consumer experience.

We have long experience in POS systems right from electronic cash registers, POS terminals and mobile POS solutions. We can help OEMs and product companies in the development and integration of their POS software systems.
Why Trenser?
Trenser is already familiar with technology adoptions in the Retail industry. Individuals behind Trenser are rich in experience to deliver software services that will help build future ready software products for your organization. Tell us your wants and needs, we will build the rest for you.
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Game console management software
Client Needs
System integrator providing gaming consoles and software solutions required a software solution that allow management of electronic game consoles from multiple vendors.
  • Central management software that support game consoles from multiple vendors
  • Push broadcast, multicast or unicast advertisements to game console auxiliary displays
  • Retrieve orders from game stations for food & beverages and send to 3rd party system
  • Dashboards with success rate and trends of individual and groups of consoles
  • Firmware update game console interfacing embedded controllers
Engagement Scope
Developed a complete web based software on Microsoft Windows platform that communicates with embedded controllers that allow management functions as well as interfacing to display terminals (digital signage system) on game stations.
  • Web services for console management, Ad contents and firmware update
  • Webserver user interfaces for Administration, Provision and Monitoring
  • Android application for remote management
  • Interactive Ad push and order management integration
  • Device Analytics based dashboards and trend analysis to distribute probability across all types of game consoles