About us
about us
Who we are
Trenser is a technology led software services company aspiring to fulfill the software product development needs of technology companies across the globe. We are proud to become a trusted partner to today’s enterprises building software solutions for tomorrow. Our goal is to understand our customers' needs and thoughts to build software that aligns with their wishes. We are passionate about developing future ready software today with superior user experience and ultimate simplicity.

Trenser is formed by a group of software experts with an aggregate experience of more than 200 man years in software product development for various industries. Being young and dynamic at heart, we breathe technology (our “prana”) to deliver right solutions to our customers (our “karma”). Our focus is to build lasting solutions, helping our customers to deliver more value to their end customers and employees as well.
What we are good at
We provide embedded, mobile, web and cloud based software development services in multiple industry verticals for customers across the globe. Our focus is to develop next generation software products for our customers that require deep understanding of communication networks, operating system internals, device diversity and critical system resources. Our core competency lies in our ability to marry these engineering environments perfectly to create next generation software solutions that are designed to facilitate collaboration, business logic, data exchange, security and analytics layers underneath slick user interfaces.
Where can we add value for you
We specialize in software product development, and we are very good at it. We are proud about it too. We exist to serve global technology companies to fulfill their software development needs as a trusted long-term partner (our “mantra”). We always strive to think from our customers' perspective and have an unshakable commitment towards learning continuously; the secret sauce of our success.