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AI guided solution for patient safety in neurosurgery

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The customer wanted to develop a Medical Video Analysis software using AI/ ML to guide neurosurgeons to control the movement of tubular wire mesh to hold the blood vessels open during the stenting or cerebral angioplasty. As a first step, the AI model was developed and trained with labeled data sets. DevOps toolchain is created to fast-track training, development, and evaluation of the model. Data labeling tools were used to develop an extensive training data set with the help of neurosurgeons. The AI model was then integrated into the real-time brain video imaging equipment, ensuring compliance with the medical standards. An operation theatre-friendly touch input-based UI was developed as well.

Cerebrovascular surgery repairs blood vessels that supply oxygen to the brain. It is the surgical procedure for Cerebral infarction and subarachnoid hemorrhage, most commonly known as stroke. Cerebrovascular surgery is a delicate procedure that is not tolerant of even a slight deviation or mistake, which may lead to severe life-threatening after effects. The real-time analysis of X-ray images using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Vision support doctors to perform guided surgery and help ensure patient safety.

Technology partnership with the customer was to develop the software solution, data preparation, model training, and AI model implementation. The AI model design was done jointly with the customer. Research phase iterations of the AI model were continuously evaluated using an automated toolchain, while domain experts ensured the accuracy of the labeled data.

Project Outcome

  • Created the solution for the first Clinical Trial version in 9 months.
  • DevOps toolchain helped significant saving of evaluation effort.
  • AI software guidance improved confidence level in neurosurgeons.

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